Unity of New Westminster update

Should have updated this months ago, in the early spring. Unity of New Westminster has closed it’s doors because of the pandemic. The service is posted at our website. http://www.unityofnewwestminster.org or http://www.facebook.com/unityofnewwestminster. It is also on Zoom at 11AM Sundays. There is also prayer circle Thursday’s at 11AM with the same Zoom link. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/444851204 Hope to see you join us on zoom, facebook or our website. Zoom link is also on the website. This pandemic will end as sometime and then we will be back at our little white spiritual home on the corner of Edinburgh and 17th in New Westminster.

If you can’t join us at Unity of New Westminster at 17th and Edinburgh tomorrow morning Sunday June 30 join us on facebook for a live feed of the Ordination of Rhona Segarra our new minister who has been our Spiritual Leader for 2 1/2 years.

Go to http://www.facebook/unityofnewwestminster.com and click on video then live feed. Leave a comment if you wish. This is a very happy celebration for us. Please join us either way, come and join us or watch at home on facebook life.