The Wild Ones promo

The Wild Ones is a story of 7 young wild horses who are tamed without their knowledge. The horses whinny (talk) to eachother but do not communicate with the men in the story. It is the men of the near by ranch that gentle the wild horses. The Wild Ones can be reviewed and bought on any on-live e-reader. I would live very much that you who read my website will review after purchasing it. I want to thank you for considering to purchase The Wild Ones on any on- line e-reader. Excerpt from The Wild Ones

“No one will ever ride me.” Cheekie lifted his rump a couple of times to emphasize it.

“Oh but they will, son,” Willful replied, remembering how he had fought against that very thing a few years ago. He saw the men coming and recognised him. Oh good, he thought, now we will see who is right. He trotted over to the fence as Bill sat on the top rail.

As he had walked to the corral, Bill watched the two blacks. My God, he thought, another Willful. They must be related. He reached his hand to pat Willful’s neck, “Hi Big Boy, who is this with you? I’ll bet you were glad to see him. I‘ll try to keep him. I wanted you but the boss had other ideas for you. But he won’t want two of you.” He was looking at and stroking Willful’s long, sleek shiny neck, but talked to Cheekie. “Hello, Beauty, I‘m Bill, and we’re going to become friends just like your sire and me.” He took an apple out of his pocket and put his hand out. Willful took the apple and munched it. This was the first man Willful ever trusted. Bill gave Willful a final pat and left the corral. Our first contact went well, he thinks. That young black is now curious as to what his father is chewing and where it came from.