Discover the Power Within You

At Unity of New Westminster every Thursday lately there is a books study. For the past few weeks we are doing Eric Butterworth’s Discover the Power Within You. I’m reading a chapter now that has a new interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer. I like it and find it interesting: Our Father in Heaven. Hallowed is Thy name. Thy kingdom is come, Thy will is done, in earth as it is in heaven. Thou dost give us this day and every day our daily bread, Thou dost always forgive, even as we forgive. Thou would never leave us in temptation, but art the very power of deliverance from limitation. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Amen This version of the Lord’s Prayer is one of many converted from the Aramaic of which Jesus spoke and the bible was translated into Greek and then into many other languages. In a few weeks we will be studying this chapter of Discover the Power Within You and the Lord’s Prayer line by line.

I know I may offend some of my readers by posting this on my website but it is what I in ” :” believe. You, I am sure have your own belief of the Lord’s Prayer. You have the right to your opinion as do I.

New site?

I am trying to update my site but as usual my fixing and saving things don’t work. I’m just computer literate. I need a computer nerd to help me and say do this , okay now do that save. But maybe in time I will have the site I want and more traffic. Sure hope so.

Sunday June 30 2019

Sunday June 30 is a very special day. Unity of New Westminster’s spiritual leader, for the last 2 1/2 years, Rhona Segarra, was ordained Monday June 17 at Unity Village in Kansas Ma. She will be home this Sunday and will be giving her first talk as a Unity Minister. On the 30 there will be a special ceremony to celebrate her ordination here in New Westminster B. C. Canada. There will be over 100 people in our little church to see this happen. There will be 3 Unity Canada ministers performing the celebration. It should be a wonderful day and the Spiritual Power within that building should be amazing. Like once before when we had a special 80th birthday party. There was even a baby squirrel that came and refused to leave. Don’t know what will happen this time but it will be as amazing as that I am sure.

Happy Father’s Day

It is time again to wish a happy father’s day. All people have both male and female genes. We some time have to be strong and willing to step forward and do what must be done. Other times we need to stand back and let someone else protect us or care for us. Male or Female doesn’t matter, we need to accept our femaleness and our maleness. It can be hard on some to admit that they have to be hard or soft but we all have both when we need it. We can stand on our own two feet or we can lean on someone else for comfort. We are all one with the Spirit of God. He tells us that we have his strength when we need it. All we have to do is use it.

Got my five reviews

Got the fifth review on The Wild Ones today but it is on .ca hopefully it will count or maybe I can copy and paste on the .com I may have to try that. I had been after this person for a few weeks and today he wrote it. I didn’t mention it had to be on not Oh well it is the 5th so hopefully it will work and I can send in my manuscript. If not I will scream and shout and just kick some … . I just may copy and paste from .ca to .com Think I can manage that? We (I) will see. Still looking for posted reviews on White Medicine Woman. Thanks to all and anyone who posts a review.

Professional picture

I have the possibility of having a pro picture taken as soon as I can arrange it. All I have to do is set up a time and date for a make over then go to the place where the picture will be taken. Yahoo.

Then I can send it to Goodreads, my publisher and the tour guide. I am planning another virtual book tour after I get my picture. Then I will work for another 5 reviews on I still have one to get for the Wild Ones before my publisher will look at another manuscript of over the word count they accept. I can’t post a review and I found out why. There may be a way around it but I haven’t found it. What I learned when I questioned why I couldn’t post a review is because I haven’t spent $50.00 on within the last year. Which I don’t expect to as I don’t buy on line unless I have no choice. I won’t ask someone else to do what I won’t just for a review so if you have an account and have spent $50.00 in the last year and you are reading this please go and review The Wild Ones for me please. Thanks in advance. Then I can send a manuscript to my publisher.

One more review

All I need is one more review on Amazon and I will have the five, on the publisher wants to read another manuscript. I haven’t decided which I will send. I think it will be Angel of Mercy as that has been edited and to me is ready to be sent to the publisher. I’m considering doing another virtual book tour maybe in a few months for White Medicine Woman. Then I may be able to get five more reviews and another book considered. It seem that the more reviews I get the more possibility of having another book considered.

My niece was here over last weekend and we went out to a property north of Aldergrove to pick up her shell of a new tiny home. Her son brought a truck with a trailer hitch to take it back to Prince George. Yes the tiny house has a single axle so it could be towed very well. They made it back to P.G in about 12 hours which is about the normal drive time. She is going to have to add a shower/toilet addition and also a small single room for a bed. No there won’t be room for anyone but her and Nicky, her small terrier and the miniature10 week old St. Bernard puppy who will grow into a 30-40 lb dog Personally I think she has lost her mind, but it is her life not mine. Oh well we will wait and see how this tiny house fairs with one woman, a small terrier and a St. Bernard.