Looking like an editor

Who would like to be an editor for me. I’ve been advised to get a professional editor for my manuscripts. But I have a problem with the cost I’m finding for pro editors. I don’t have $250.00 up front. Nor am I available to pay .10 a word. I am looking for a student who needs to edit manuscripts for their studies. I have looked on the U.B.C site and also Simon Fraser U too but don’t know exactly where to look for journalists looking for editing jobs. If you have any ideas please let me know either as a comment here or gswedak@gmail.com Thanks for any help you can offer me.

Kansas City

Kansas City here I come. In one month I will be heading to the airport to board a Delta plane to Kansas City. From there when I arrive at 2:44 I will be taken by some kind of transportation to Unity Village for the Canadian Conference from the 24 to the 28 of September. I’ve been there a number of years ago for a weekend but this will be for the whole four days. There will be a guided tour of the grounds including the Silent Unity tower which houses a 24/7 prayer service. Answering prayers that are phoned in, e-mailed in and written by letter. Members of the Unity classes for L.U.T’s Licensed Unity Teachers and Ministers take turns listening and praying for people around the world. It is a privilege to be a Silent Unity pray partner. This was not what I was going to write but that is what came up when I started writing here. I may since I am taking my laptop with me add something from Unity Village. You will have to wait and see. Maybe when I get back I will post some pictures of the village. Oh yeah I have to remember to take my camera even though I will have the phone with takes pictures better than the old camera which I bought for Ken and my trip to the Dominican Republic for the changing of the millennia. New Years Eve that year we hoped that everything would crash and we could stay a few days longer but nothing happened when the clocks changed from 12:00 1999 to 12:01 2000. We had to come home when we were booked. There was no reprieve to stay longer. Maybe this is just garbled rubberise but oh well sorry.

Happy Anniversary

Well maybe not, because the man I married 50 years ago today died, 5 months before our 25 wedding anniversary. I’m just remembering the day and the many things that have happened since then. It was a happy day. My brother gave me away. He died later the same year Dan did. A very special 9 year old nephew sat on my knee that day and cried because that man was taking his aunty away. I tried to convince him that Aunty Gladys wasn’t going anywhere. She would always be there for him. I was and still am for the man he is now. He doesn’t remember sitting on my knee at the Royal Hotel in Nelson August 9 1969 after I had put my wedding dress on. I love you, P. and all my nieces and nephews for what you did for Dan and me that day. Thank you all.

In 1997 I met the man I have been with for 22 years now. Never thought I would do it again but i did and we have had our ups and down but are still together. Maybe when this relationship is 25 years old we will celebrate or something. We have been to the Dominican Republic together at the turn of the century, hoping everything would crash so we could stay there longer than the two weeks but it didin’t. We went to Nicaragua for 2 weeks 8 years later and for my 75 birthday went to Scotland and the Edinburgh Tattoo. A special event that year too. The first time in 300 years the clans had all gathered in the castle. We met our (Mom’s) clan chief. Wow what an exciting event.

1969 Fifty years ago

When I was reading the Daily Word this morning it mentioned that fifty years ago today Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and said “One giant leap for mankind” and he added one small step for man as he stepped out of the modular onto the moon surface. That was the first time any human had stepped on to another planet. What I was thinking as senior that I was watching that on T.V. when it happened. To anyone born in the late 1960’s or later, they don’t remember. To them that was history, past history something they didn’t experience. To us who were there, well not on the moon with Neil but watching him take that step that wasn’t history that was only our past. That brings to mind our history, the first and second world war. That was happening when we were born or before. There are few seniors who were in those wars still around. History is an amazing thing. To some it is history to others it is just our past. What will those whose history is only our past, have as their past when the younger generation still to come say that is history and those who say now that is history have as their past? Very interesting concept to think on.

Discover the Power Within You

At Unity of New Westminster every Thursday lately there is a books study. For the past few weeks we are doing Eric Butterworth’s Discover the Power Within You. I’m reading a chapter now that has a new interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer. I like it and find it interesting: Our Father in Heaven. Hallowed is Thy name. Thy kingdom is come, Thy will is done, in earth as it is in heaven. Thou dost give us this day and every day our daily bread, Thou dost always forgive, even as we forgive. Thou would never leave us in temptation, but art the very power of deliverance from limitation. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Amen This version of the Lord’s Prayer is one of many converted from the Aramaic of which Jesus spoke and the bible was translated into Greek and then into many other languages. In a few weeks we will be studying this chapter of Discover the Power Within You and the Lord’s Prayer line by line.

I know I may offend some of my readers by posting this on my website but it is what I in ” :” believe. You, I am sure have your own belief of the Lord’s Prayer. You have the right to your opinion as do I.

New site?

I am trying to update my site but as usual my fixing and saving things don’t work. I’m just computer literate. I need a computer nerd to help me and say do this , okay now do that save. But maybe in time I will have the site I want and more traffic. Sure hope so.

Sunday June 30 2019

Sunday June 30 is a very special day. Unity of New Westminster’s spiritual leader, for the last 2 1/2 years, Rhona Segarra, was ordained Monday June 17 at Unity Village in Kansas Ma. She will be home this Sunday and will be giving her first talk as a Unity Minister. On the 30 there will be a special ceremony to celebrate her ordination here in New Westminster B. C. Canada. There will be over 100 people in our little church to see this happen. There will be 3 Unity Canada ministers performing the celebration. It should be a wonderful day and the Spiritual Power within that building should be amazing. Like once before when we had a special 80th birthday party. There was even a baby squirrel that came and refused to leave. Don’t know what will happen this time but it will be as amazing as that I am sure.