The Sea Goddess


The mist of early morning covers the streets of London. The buildings seem remote and far away.  Everything is hushed and quiet.  Maybe when the sun burns the mist away London will seem normal again.

A young girl, Ruth, wanders the allies of Piccadilly Circus searching for her breakfast in the disposal bins behind the restaurants.  Suddenly she sees a big burly man, in a sea coat following her.  As he nears, she runs as fast as her legs will carry her.  The man is faster and grabs her shoulder as she nears the opening to the basement, where she spent the night, then nothing.

Ruth wakes to a rocking motion.  Where is she?  How did she get here, wherever here is?  Looking around she sees other children, younger, only a few seen to be her age her age of thirteen.

Ruth watches as one of the many boys waking up, “Mmm,” he rubs the back of his head.  “Where am I?” He tries to focus in the dim light from a tiny window in one wall, “I’m Willie Johnson. Who are you and how did we get here?”


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