End of the first month of perfect divine year

What you may ask is perfectly divine, what is that? Well if you are spiritual you will understand, 2020 is perfect sight so 2020 is also perfect divine life. That is what this year is perfect sight, divine life and perfectly divine year. Where did the first month go? Don’t ask a senior because the older you get the faster the time goes. One friend said it is like water going down a drain the closer it gets to the hole the faster it goes. How true that is.

This is the perfect year for publication of manuscripts. The perfect year for anything you hold in mind as this is what I want in my life. What you see in your future will be manifest. This is the year. Take it, live it and enfold it within you. Be whatever you want to be this year of perfect life. I am a published, paid author before the end of this perfectly divine year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here. I lost my save passwords and didn’t remember what it was. I got it back so I can post more things again. Yeah I could have changed it then I would have had to try and remember it. Was going to do that but I’m back anyway on Christmas Day with only one week left in the first decade of the 2000’s Wow where did the time go? It was just the change of the century now the first decade is gone. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and exciting time. Here in Vancouver B.C. the sun is trying to shine brightly, it is shinning but there is clouds covering it but it is nice anyway. Nothing exciting happened this month except we got our Christmas present early. Our mechanic told us he couldn’t find the parts needed for our 92 Toyota Crasada. We decided if he could find a newer car we would buy it if it wasn’t too expensive. Our mechanic came up with a silver 2007 Malibu for a very reasonable price so that is our Christmas present this year. A nice car, good ride and new enough so this will be our last car. A friend gave Cougar a plastic bag of cat nip. I didn’t realize it wasn’t in a toy so I made a cover for it but it hasn’t lasted long. He already has a hole in the towelling I used so we may still have cat nip all over everything. Oh well he is enjoying his Christmas present. Thank you S. Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

What to write?

That is the question, what to write when my writers mind is on hiatus. I can open a manuscript that needs attention, look at it and see nothing. My mind isn’t where it is suppose to be. I have an idea for a new Christmas Story but can’t start it. Oh well, maybe it is time to take a break and let Christmas come and go. I had a Christmas manuscript to a publisher and because I forgot or didn’t for one reason or another make two words into one they refused it after I had, thanks to a friend, sent it to a professional editor which is what they had asked for. Maybe that is why I can’t write. I feel let down and disillusioned because I did what was asked then they redid the editing then said no we don’t want it. I have sent it to other publishers but haven’t heard anything yet, some say it may take up to 6 months, so that would mean next Christmas it may be out.

Back to the beginning

My Christmas story was declined by the publisher I had written it for. Yes I suppose they had a reason but gee wiss. I did as they asked and they dismissed the editor’s edit. Then edited it again. Which I changed but made one mistake. In the first paragraph I didn’t for one reason or another do the change. I had done all the rest but not that one and that one was the one they declined the story for. It did get me sending manuscripts out again which I hadn’t done in a while. The Christmas Story was edited by a professional so I know it is ready to go to a publisher so have sent it to two Candaian publishers. It may be too late for this year but there is always next year. Others I have sent out were edited too so they should be okay too. Wow already the second of November. Where did the year go? I just wrote Christmas letters, and cards and have to consider doing it again so soon. I’ve gotten smart though. I’m going to use Blue Mountain cards this year. I do have a few other cards that I will send out but once they are gone the rest will be Blue Mountain cards, paper free, saving the trees. Someone has to start somewhere as the Amazon is being burned, the egosystem is being destroyed daily. Has anyone thought about what our grandchildren will have when they are seniors or even if they will have a world to live in when they reach 65 years of age.

Happy Thanksgiving

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. I take this opportunity to wish all my followers a happy Canadian Thanksgiving. The things I am thankful for this year are: 1. our house guest decided to listen to Ken when he mentioned when the Social worker was here Wednesday that he wanted Jim out Friday. I had said at least by the 20th as I have a friend coming on the 28th and wanted to clean the room, and bedding. 2. I got to go to Unity Village the end of September, and met some wonderful people both Unity members from across Canada and members of Unity Village. Made new friends and sold 3 books while I was there and that may give me the opportunity to take my trip off my income tax. Only a part of it but it will help in the long run. We are making it with an added expense and our income slashed by about $300.00 a month until next July when our pensions will go back up again because of the drop this year. I realize this isn’t what my web page is supposed to be but maybe next month I will be able to advertise another e-book that will be up on Amazon.com and also Amazon.ca for purchase for Christmas. It is called to give you an inkling of what is to come, Christmas 1942.

Unity Village

September 24-28 was the Unity Canada Conference at Unity Village, Lee Summit, Missouri. I left Vancouver at 6:15 AM after getting up at 4 to be at the airport before 5. I went Delta with a stop of an hour and a half in Minneapolis. Then an hour flight to Kansas City. Unity of New Westminster’s minister and her husband was coming in 3/4 of an hour later so I had arranged to wait for them and use the same car to the Village. The flight they were coming in on was at another terminal of the airport which I had to take a bus to. I was lucky I had waited for them because my debit card didn’t work. My hotel cost was put on their credit card. Canadian Debit Cards aren’t accepted in the U. S. even though I was told it would work. Well I’m telling you and the bank of Montreal it doesn’t! From Tuesday night at the opening ceremony I was experiencing miracles. Each Unity Centre had to go up in a group and say their names, put in a bowl what they didn’t want anymore, then pick up prayer card. For Unity of New Westminster was Rev. Rhona, Walt, and me. I picked up a card put it down, why I didn’t know at the time, and picked up another. I found out Wednesday afternoon at 1PM. I still hadn’t met my room mate but just before I was going to get ready for bed Aeriana Rose, one of the 7 or 8 from Calgary came in. We introduced ourselves and enjoyed the time we spent together over the four days. She reminded me of a poem I had promised to read at the open mic Wednesday night. I had completely forgotten and didn’t remember what the poem was so sent a text to Ken to please go on my computer find it and send it to me. That wasn’t going to happen so I asked Rhona if she had kept it. She had and sent it to me. At the rehearsal, Wednesday at 1pm, I found out why I had put the one card down and picked up another. The card I picked was an aboriginal woman who was doing two dances. Shirley H. was just the woman I was looking for, someone to read my White Medicine Woman and tell me how well or not I had depicted the native people of the 1800’s. After the performance we talked and she put her butterfly cape over my shoulders and showed me how to wrap it around myself. I felt like I was enfolded in Butterfly wings. Thursday we missed the tour of the tower, which I thought was the Prayer Tower but I found out later it wasn’t and I got a private tour of the Prayer Tower by a staff member. My miracles were coming daily and I was just taking it all in like a sponge. Friday was just as magical. I had written a poem Thursday after I got back from the tour or the Prayer Tour and had asked Daniel N. the singer who was having a concert Friday night if he would read it. Friday night he forgot. Anyway at the opening of the Canadian A.G.M. Vicky V. read it. I got it back at the end of the A.G.M and when I got home I typed it up and sent it to Rhona as she hadn’t heard Vicky read it. The flight from Kansas home was delayed because of a severe thunder and lightening storm. At Toronto I just had time to get from where the plane landed to where I was to be for the flight to Vancouver. I was one of the first on as I had booked a wheelchair at both Airports because I was sure I couldn’t walk the distance to where I had to be. The two young women who sat with me were wonderful. Mikala the one from here paid for my late dinner as again my debit card didn’t work and they didn’t take cash. She bought me diner and a glass of wine. Thank you everyone for a miracle of a time. It is good to be home. Ken had a surprise for me when he picked me up at 1AM Sunday morning. We had a homeless man living with us until he is able to find a place to live. He was living in the back yard of the church and one of the members brought him here after asking Ken if it was okay. Unable at this time to add pictures but will keep trying.

Still wallowing in grief.

Why do we humans get pets. I wrote a poem about reasons but that doesn’t help with the pain when they disappear suddenly.

Why do we have pets? Pets give us unconditional love. We have pets for companionship They give us unconditional love How we treat them doesn’t matter. They give us unconditional love We love, care for and feed our pets. They give us unconditional love We cuddles and give what we can. Pets give us unconditional love That is why it hurts so much when they die. The unconditional love is gone An important part of our family is gone. Gladys Swedak, September 10 2019 one day after Puppy Cat was taken by coyote after I let him out for his morning pee.

Even our other cat, Cougar, is lonely and looking for his buddy. It is painful watching him call for Puppy Cat. Last night he brought in a mouse and called and called but got no response. He is joining us in grief. Don’t know how Ken is dealing with his puppy cat not following him around everywhere he goes. Not meowing every time he goes into the kitchen or not telling him hey it is time for shrimp. You are slow I want it now not after if cools down.

Looking like an editor

Who would like to be an editor for me. I’ve been advised to get a professional editor for my manuscripts. But I have a problem with the cost I’m finding for pro editors. I don’t have $250.00 up front. Nor am I available to pay .10 a word. I am looking for a student who needs to edit manuscripts for their studies. I have looked on the U.B.C site and also Simon Fraser U too but don’t know exactly where to look for journalists looking for editing jobs. If you have any ideas please let me know either as a comment here or gswedak@gmail.com Thanks for any help you can offer me.

Kansas City

Kansas City here I come. In one month I will be heading to the airport to board a Delta plane to Kansas City. From there when I arrive at 2:44 I will be taken by some kind of transportation to Unity Village for the Canadian Conference from the 24 to the 28 of September. I’ve been there a number of years ago for a weekend but this will be for the whole four days. There will be a guided tour of the grounds including the Silent Unity tower which houses a 24/7 prayer service. Answering prayers that are phoned in, e-mailed in and written by letter. Members of the Unity classes for L.U.T’s Licensed Unity Teachers and Ministers take turns listening and praying for people around the world. It is a privilege to be a Silent Unity pray partner. This was not what I was going to write but that is what came up when I started writing here. I may since I am taking my laptop with me add something from Unity Village. You will have to wait and see. Maybe when I get back I will post some pictures of the village. Oh yeah I have to remember to take my camera even though I will have the phone with takes pictures better than the old camera which I bought for Ken and my trip to the Dominican Republic for the changing of the millennia. New Years Eve that year we hoped that everything would crash and we could stay a few days longer but nothing happened when the clocks changed from 12:00 1999 to 12:01 2000. We had to come home when we were booked. There was no reprieve to stay longer. Maybe this is just garbled rubberise but oh well sorry.

Happy Anniversary

Well maybe not, because the man I married 50 years ago today died, 5 months before our 25 wedding anniversary. I’m just remembering the day and the many things that have happened since then. It was a happy day. My brother gave me away. He died later the same year Dan did. A very special 9 year old nephew sat on my knee that day and cried because that man was taking his aunty away. I tried to convince him that Aunty Gladys wasn’t going anywhere. She would always be there for him. I was and still am for the man he is now. He doesn’t remember sitting on my knee at the Royal Hotel in Nelson August 9 1969 after I had put my wedding dress on. I love you, P. and all my nieces and nephews for what you did for Dan and me that day. Thank you all.

In 1997 I met the man I have been with for 22 years now. Never thought I would do it again but i did and we have had our ups and down but are still together. Maybe when this relationship is 25 years old we will celebrate or something. We have been to the Dominican Republic together at the turn of the century, hoping everything would crash so we could stay there longer than the two weeks but it didin’t. We went to Nicaragua for 2 weeks 8 years later and for my 75 birthday went to Scotland and the Edinburgh Tattoo. A special event that year too. The first time in 300 years the clans had all gathered in the castle. We met our (Mom’s) clan chief. Wow what an exciting event.