Easter and my birthday

My birthday was the day after Palm Sunday this year and Easter was late. I know it has something to do with the moon and its cycle. Have never understood that but oh well. Both are over now and a new year is getting under way or has for 3 and 3/4 months. This year is the first year I am waiting for a check for my writings. I have mentioned that I am a client of Books To Go Now Publications and they published under their umbrella The Wild Ones and also White Medicine Woman. I am not sure when my first pay check will come but I was informed that an author spends it on him or herself. Still haven’t decide what to do with it. I’ve never had a complete makeover or a professional picture taken, well I did have a pro picture taken years ago when I had one done of my mother and my toy poodle, Muffin. Mom paid to have one done of Muffin and me. I have it somewhere but Mom’s is the important one. Maybe I will do that. My new hair dresser says she does complete makeovers and knows a professional photographer. Not sure how much I will get or how much what I want will cost. I need one for my Books To Go Now page. I asked BTGN if they would publish a manuscript of over double the word count they accept. They told me they would consider reading it if I received 5 reviews from both The Wild Ones and White Medicine Woman. So after my next virtual book tour with White Medicine Woman I’m going to send Angel of Mercy about Calamity Jane’s live up to the time of the Small Pox epidemic in Deadwood. My virtual book tour with The Wild Ones was a huge success or I think so anyway. Gee whiz I think this is one of the longest I’ve written here.

April 7th

Day after jury selection. That was a boring day. Hurry up and wait. 400 of us had to be at the Vancouver court house at 8:45 and after we were registered as having arrived, we waited until after 10 AM to be informed what would happen that day, yesterday. After being told we waited again for 10 x 40 summons numbers to be called. After the first 5 x 40 I figured that this was going to be a long day with no results. I was about 20th in the 7th x40. If I don’t get a call that says thanks but we have our 14 jurors I have to be there Thursday April 11, at 1:30 to be interviewed by the judge. Don’t know when the interview of the defence and prosecutor would take place. But the trial begins April 15 next Monday. Will have to wait and see. Will let you know when I find out. If I get on the jury I can’t talk to anyone about what happens except I got on or didn’t.

Virtual Book Tour

My 2 week book tour is over today, and I didn’t have to go anywhere. Oh darn, but how do you take, and sign e-books to different locations? You don’t and can’t. I gratefully acknowledge the hosts over the last two weeks. They did a wonderful job of promoting my book and me. I got a number of great reviews, and and grateful for those as well. A few surprised readers since it was from a wild animals point of view.

I have one regret though, the family, and friends I was depending on disappointed me. A few friends did give me reviews and they were received with love and thanked. But the family I was asking to review my work ignored me. I wonder if they have any idea how it feels to ask for support and get none. I hope they remember that when they ask for support. It just may not be there as expected, and received before. Maybe just maybe, but doubtful they posted a review, and it didn’t show as one friend who I watched post a review, and it never showed. I will give them that one out but all of them, don’t think so.

24 years/24 years

This week has been very hard on me and I’m not sure why except for the 24/24. Twenty-four years ago this week my life changed completely. I had been married 24 years and seven months when on March 19, I took my husband to Burnaby Hospital about 7PM because he was having trouble voiding. I left him there about 9 or 9:30 and called at 11 just before going to bed. He had been taken up to a ward and was doing well. Okay I could possibly pick him up either before or after church Sunday morning. I went to bed and slept okay. Got woken at 7:30 Sunday morning with the doctor telling me “Mrs.Swedak, your husband died during the night. There will be an autopsy because he died less than 24 hours after being admitted. Then he hung up.

The last few days I have been reliving those days like they were yesterday. But it was 24 years ago it happened. Maybe that is it, married 24 years when Dan died and it’s been 24 years since he died. I wonder now what August 9 is going to bring. We were going to redo out wedding vows on that day 5 months after he died. Today I am doing better, that is why I can write this and not bawl. Thank you who ever reads my blogs for letting me vent. I love you all.

Virtual Book Tour

Friday March 17 I will be presented at


please join me there and get to know a little more about The Wild Ones and me. When I get more information I will relay it to you. I hope to see you there with bells on. hehe

I know I haven’t been here for a while I’ve been busy with other things. Editing manuscripts and getting ready for this exciting event in my life.

Open mic

Come and enjoy an evening of story telling, poetry, Flamingo dancing and what ever else is happening. Unity of New Westminster at 17th and Edinburgh in New West of course. The performance begins at 7PM and there will also be coffee, tea and snacks. I hope to see all who live in the lower mainland there to hear me read a chapter from both of my books. The Wild Ones and White Medicine Woman. Both are available on line at any e-book site. I have a few The Wild Ones for sale signed and dated by the author, me.