Angel of Mercy

Sent my manuscript to an agency and got a reply back they would like to see the first 50 pages so I sent that and got another e-mail that they would be interested in reading the whole manuscript if I got it edited by a professional to tighten up the dialogue and changing the telling to more showing. I send it to my editor on November 30th and get it back January 31 2021. Then I have until the middle of February to contact her ask questions for more help. Then by the middle of March or sooner will have it back to the agency to go over and see if they have a publisher for it.

Angel of Mercy is about Calamity Jane’s life from when she was 12 to the time of the small pox epidemic in Deadwood. I answered questions I could find no answers to. Why at 16 she was on her own, as she was the oldest of 6 children, who were the 8 men she nursed at the White Rock cabin. Why she had them there and how she saved them from Small Pox. No where even in the Deadwood Library system was there anything about that part of her life.

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