Missed at least one posting

Already a week since my last post and last week I posted 3, and this week I’m just making one. Oh well, I have an excuse, no I don’t. I saw a screen saver that gave me a prompt for a story and I’m writing it every chance I get. It was of an old ghost town, what looked like an old saloon, hotel, with a small shed attached, further down the rut road was what could be a general store and then a smaller building between. Nothing else but grass and prairie for miles. It just struck me as a prompt and I started to write a story about a ghost town. A young couple are going to a replica of a western town for a week honeymoon but the ghost town is what they find. As she turns around to go back to the car she falls into the arms of a cowboy an is transported back a hundred years and wakes up in a saloon girls bedroom. Just realized she doesn’t show enough fear waking up in that room without her husband of less than a week. Have to go back and change that. Thanks for the idea. If I woke up in a saloon girl’s bedroom a hundred years ago I would panic, I’m sure so she has to be more afraid.

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