Third post in a week

Today was our church’s A.G.M. which had been postponed since April when the pandemic struck. I had invited five friends who don’t have computers or don’t know how to get on to the Zoom contact to come and join me watching the church service and the meeting. Well would you believe it, my computer crashed Saturday. Good thing I hadn’t gotten rid of my old one before my friend gave me the other one. Okay, good I can still get on Zoom for church and the meeting. Oh yeah? Don’t think so. I tried before everyone came. No go, had to re sign in, I must have deleted that connect from the computer, okay did that but still can’t get into Zoom to which I had no trouble before. Okay after talking to one of the office managers get to watch it on facebook after finding out my computer isn’t the problem with the sound. We could see the minister talking but had no sound. Phoned the Licensed Unity Teacher and told her. It wasn’t my problem, they were having problems. Finally our minister was speaking not just mouthing something. The meeting isn’t on facebook so try to get back on Zoom, but no way, so six of us listen to the phone connection. Not what I expected or wanted at all. My friends said it was okay since we got to listen and not be distracted by watching. So all ended well even if I didn’t think so. Still I can’t get on Zoom. I have a Zoom meeting tomorrow at 1PM. Hopefully the friend who gave me the other computer will be able to fix it.

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