My second post this week.

May not have much to say but here goes nothing. As I said a few days ago I would do two postings on my website this week. Don’t know how many of my readers have ever had a sleep machine, but I’m on my second nose attachment in a week and a half. The first one was only a nose piece that after a while would block my nose so I breathed through my mouth or took it off. When and how I use it can be monitored at the sleep apnea clinic. This one is almost like a oxygen mask, it covers both nose and mouth so if I breath through my mouth I’m still connected with the air machine. It isn’t O2 it is just air pressure that is suppose to keep my airway open and stop my sleep apnea which I didn’t know I had until I had the sleep apnea test a month or so ago which showed I stopped breathing 24 time an hour. You would think that would wake me up with gasping for breath but I didn’t know I did that. No one is really interested in this anyway so I’ll end this before I tell you my medical history.

2 thoughts on “My second post this week.”

    1. Sleep apnea is where you stop breathing during sleep. Sometimes it can wake you up but other times it doesn’t. How it is found out is for some reason a doctor perscribes a sleep apnea overnight machine you wear to bed that records the number of times you stop breathing. I quit breathing 24 time a minute, or so the machine said. I didn’t wake up so it never bothered me but the doctor perscribed a sleep apne machine that keeps my airway open so I don’t stop breathing. It does help but since this one this week covers my nose and mouth it causes my face to sweat. I can and do use it but there is no way I can afford it after the 3 month free trial is over. So actually I don’t know why it is so important I use it.
      Hope that helped explain it

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