A promise is a promise

I promised a writers group that I would write on my webpage twice a week, but my problem is what do I write. Okay, here goes nothing. I am in a new writers group called Spirit Writers, we are having a check in then an opening prayer, then a one word story, each of the five of us gives a word and so the story goes, one word at a time. Then we have a prompt and write about that for five minutes. Then each of us reads what we have written about the prompt, each one is different. Then we have a one chapter story, by that I mean one of us writes the first chapter then one of the others writes the next, so no one knows where the next chapter is going. I suppose if we want at the end of the group we can finish it another way or not. Okay that is the first part of my home work. Have one more posting to do before Monday next week.

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