End of the first month of perfect divine year

What you may ask is perfectly divine, what is that? Well if you are spiritual you will understand, 2020 is perfect sight so 2020 is also perfect divine life. That is what this year is perfect sight, divine life and perfectly divine year. Where did the first month go? Don’t ask a senior because the older you get the faster the time goes. One friend said it is like water going down a drain the closer it gets to the hole the faster it goes. How true that is.

This is the perfect year for publication of manuscripts. The perfect year for anything you hold in mind as this is what I want in my life. What you see in your future will be manifest. This is the year. Take it, live it and enfold it within you. Be whatever you want to be this year of perfect life. I am a published, paid author before the end of this perfectly divine year.

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