What to write?

That is the question, what to write when my writers mind is on hiatus. I can open a manuscript that needs attention, look at it and see nothing. My mind isn’t where it is suppose to be. I have an idea for a new Christmas Story but can’t start it. Oh well, maybe it is time to take a break and let Christmas come and go. I had a Christmas manuscript to a publisher and because I forgot or didn’t for one reason or another make two words into one they refused it after I had, thanks to a friend, sent it to a professional editor which is what they had asked for. Maybe that is why I can’t write. I feel let down and disillusioned because I did what was asked then they redid the editing then said no we don’t want it. I have sent it to other publishers but haven’t heard anything yet, some say it may take up to 6 months, so that would mean next Christmas it may be out.

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