Back to the beginning

My Christmas story was declined by the publisher I had written it for. Yes I suppose they had a reason but gee wiss. I did as they asked and they dismissed the editor’s edit. Then edited it again. Which I changed but made one mistake. In the first paragraph I didn’t for one reason or another do the change. I had done all the rest but not that one and that one was the one they declined the story for. It did get me sending manuscripts out again which I hadn’t done in a while. The Christmas Story was edited by a professional so I know it is ready to go to a publisher so have sent it to two Candaian publishers. It may be too late for this year but there is always next year. Others I have sent out were edited too so they should be okay too. Wow already the second of November. Where did the year go? I just wrote Christmas letters, and cards and have to consider doing it again so soon. I’ve gotten smart though. I’m going to use Blue Mountain cards this year. I do have a few other cards that I will send out but once they are gone the rest will be Blue Mountain cards, paper free, saving the trees. Someone has to start somewhere as the Amazon is being burned, the egosystem is being destroyed daily. Has anyone thought about what our grandchildren will have when they are seniors or even if they will have a world to live in when they reach 65 years of age.

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