Unity Village

September 24-28 was the Unity Canada Conference at Unity Village, Lee Summit, Missouri. I left Vancouver at 6:15 AM after getting up at 4 to be at the airport before 5. I went Delta with a stop of an hour and a half in Minneapolis. Then an hour flight to Kansas City. Unity of New Westminster’s minister and her husband was coming in 3/4 of an hour later so I had arranged to wait for them and use the same car to the Village. The flight they were coming in on was at another terminal of the airport which I had to take a bus to. I was lucky I had waited for them because my debit card didn’t work. My hotel cost was put on their credit card. Canadian Debit Cards aren’t accepted in the U. S. even though I was told it would work. Well I’m telling you and the bank of Montreal it doesn’t! From Tuesday night at the opening ceremony I was experiencing miracles. Each Unity Centre had to go up in a group and say their names, put in a bowl what they didn’t want anymore, then pick up prayer card. For Unity of New Westminster was Rev. Rhona, Walt, and me. I picked up a card put it down, why I didn’t know at the time, and picked up another. I found out Wednesday afternoon at 1PM. I still hadn’t met my room mate but just before I was going to get ready for bed Aeriana Rose, one of the 7 or 8 from Calgary came in. We introduced ourselves and enjoyed the time we spent together over the four days. She reminded me of a poem I had promised to read at the open mic Wednesday night. I had completely forgotten and didn’t remember what the poem was so sent a text to Ken to please go on my computer find it and send it to me. That wasn’t going to happen so I asked Rhona if she had kept it. She had and sent it to me. At the rehearsal, Wednesday at 1pm, I found out why I had put the one card down and picked up another. The card I picked was an aboriginal woman who was doing two dances. Shirley H. was just the woman I was looking for, someone to read my White Medicine Woman and tell me how well or not I had depicted the native people of the 1800’s. After the performance we talked and she put her butterfly cape over my shoulders and showed me how to wrap it around myself. I felt like I was enfolded in Butterfly wings. Thursday we missed the tour of the tower, which I thought was the Prayer Tower but I found out later it wasn’t and I got a private tour of the Prayer Tower by a staff member. My miracles were coming daily and I was just taking it all in like a sponge. Friday was just as magical. I had written a poem Thursday after I got back from the tour or the Prayer Tour and had asked Daniel N. the singer who was having a concert Friday night if he would read it. Friday night he forgot. Anyway at the opening of the Canadian A.G.M. Vicky V. read it. I got it back at the end of the A.G.M and when I got home I typed it up and sent it to Rhona as she hadn’t heard Vicky read it. The flight from Kansas home was delayed because of a severe thunder and lightening storm. At Toronto I just had time to get from where the plane landed to where I was to be for the flight to Vancouver. I was one of the first on as I had booked a wheelchair at both Airports because I was sure I couldn’t walk the distance to where I had to be. The two young women who sat with me were wonderful. Mikala the one from here paid for my late dinner as again my debit card didn’t work and they didn’t take cash. She bought me diner and a glass of wine. Thank you everyone for a miracle of a time. It is good to be home. Ken had a surprise for me when he picked me up at 1AM Sunday morning. We had a homeless man living with us until he is able to find a place to live. He was living in the back yard of the church and one of the members brought him here after asking Ken if it was okay. Unable at this time to add pictures but will keep trying.

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