Still wallowing in grief.

Why do we humans get pets. I wrote a poem about reasons but that doesn’t help with the pain when they disappear suddenly.

Why do we have pets? Pets give us unconditional love. We have pets for companionship They give us unconditional love How we treat them doesn’t matter. They give us unconditional love We love, care for and feed our pets. They give us unconditional love We cuddles and give what we can. Pets give us unconditional love That is why it hurts so much when they die. The unconditional love is gone An important part of our family is gone. Gladys Swedak, September 10 2019 one day after Puppy Cat was taken by coyote after I let him out for his morning pee.

Even our other cat, Cougar, is lonely and looking for his buddy. It is painful watching him call for Puppy Cat. Last night he brought in a mouse and called and called but got no response. He is joining us in grief. Don’t know how Ken is dealing with his puppy cat not following him around everywhere he goes. Not meowing every time he goes into the kitchen or not telling him hey it is time for shrimp. You are slow I want it now not after if cools down.

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