Kansas City

Kansas City here I come. In one month I will be heading to the airport to board a Delta plane to Kansas City. From there when I arrive at 2:44 I will be taken by some kind of transportation to Unity Village for the Canadian Conference from the 24 to the 28 of September. I’ve been there a number of years ago for a weekend but this will be for the whole four days. There will be a guided tour of the grounds including the Silent Unity tower which houses a 24/7 prayer service. Answering prayers that are phoned in, e-mailed in and written by letter. Members of the Unity classes for L.U.T’s Licensed Unity Teachers and Ministers take turns listening and praying for people around the world. It is a privilege to be a Silent Unity pray partner. This was not what I was going to write but that is what came up when I started writing here. I may since I am taking my laptop with me add something from Unity Village. You will have to wait and see. Maybe when I get back I will post some pictures of the village. Oh yeah I have to remember to take my camera even though I will have the phone with takes pictures better than the old camera which I bought for Ken and my trip to the Dominican Republic for the changing of the millennia. New Years Eve that year we hoped that everything would crash and we could stay a few days longer but nothing happened when the clocks changed from 12:00 1999 to 12:01 2000. We had to come home when we were booked. There was no reprieve to stay longer. Maybe this is just garbled rubberise but oh well sorry.

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