Happy Anniversary

Well maybe not, because the man I married 50 years ago today died, 5 months before our 25 wedding anniversary. I’m just remembering the day and the many things that have happened since then. It was a happy day. My brother gave me away. He died later the same year Dan did. A very special 9 year old nephew sat on my knee that day and cried because that man was taking his aunty away. I tried to convince him that Aunty Gladys wasn’t going anywhere. She would always be there for him. I was and still am for the man he is now. He doesn’t remember sitting on my knee at the Royal Hotel in Nelson August 9 1969 after I had put my wedding dress on. I love you, P. and all my nieces and nephews for what you did for Dan and me that day. Thank you all.

In 1997 I met the man I have been with for 22 years now. Never thought I would do it again but i did and we have had our ups and down but are still together. Maybe when this relationship is 25 years old we will celebrate or something. We have been to the Dominican Republic together at the turn of the century, hoping everything would crash so we could stay there longer than the two weeks but it didin’t. We went to Nicaragua for 2 weeks 8 years later and for my 75 birthday went to Scotland and the Edinburgh Tattoo. A special event that year too. The first time in 300 years the clans had all gathered in the castle. We met our (Mom’s) clan chief. Wow what an exciting event.

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