1969 Fifty years ago

When I was reading the Daily Word this morning it mentioned that fifty years ago today Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and said “One giant leap for mankind” and he added one small step for man as he stepped out of the modular onto the moon surface. That was the first time any human had stepped on to another planet. What I was thinking as senior that I was watching that on T.V. when it happened. To anyone born in the late 1960’s or later, they don’t remember. To them that was history, past history something they didn’t experience. To us who were there, well not on the moon with Neil but watching him take that step that wasn’t history that was only our past. That brings to mind our history, the first and second world war. That was happening when we were born or before. There are few seniors who were in those wars still around. History is an amazing thing. To some it is history to others it is just our past. What will those whose history is only our past, have as their past when the younger generation still to come say that is history and those who say now that is history have as their past? Very interesting concept to think on.

2 thoughts on “1969 Fifty years ago”

    1. Okay I was just commenting on the “history” of our humanity. Someone younger than say 40 can’t say they remember when Neil even lifted off and came back. What is their history of fifty years from now going to be? Maybe something like Star Trek? Who knows, we sure don’t and may not even be around to find out.

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