One more review

All I need is one more review on Amazon and I will have the five, on the publisher wants to read another manuscript. I haven’t decided which I will send. I think it will be Angel of Mercy as that has been edited and to me is ready to be sent to the publisher. I’m considering doing another virtual book tour maybe in a few months for White Medicine Woman. Then I may be able to get five more reviews and another book considered. It seem that the more reviews I get the more possibility of having another book considered.

My niece was here over last weekend and we went out to a property north of Aldergrove to pick up her shell of a new tiny home. Her son brought a truck with a trailer hitch to take it back to Prince George. Yes the tiny house has a single axle so it could be towed very well. They made it back to P.G in about 12 hours which is about the normal drive time. She is going to have to add a shower/toilet addition and also a small single room for a bed. No there won’t be room for anyone but her and Nicky, her small terrier and the miniature10 week old St. Bernard puppy who will grow into a 30-40 lb dog Personally I think she has lost her mind, but it is her life not mine. Oh well we will wait and see how this tiny house fairs with one woman, a small terrier and a St. Bernard.

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