Problem with reviews

Hi all who read my website notes. I just found out for sure that the reviews that count are only the reviews on for either The Wild Ones or White Medicine Woman. I think it is wrong but that is what I was told again this morning even though I had copied and pasted 9 reviews from and the virtual book tour. But since they aren’t on Amazon they don’t count so I don’t get another opportunity to have a manuscript read until I can get 5 reviews on Amazon. Don’t ask I don’t know why Amazon is so important. Another thing I found out is that to write a review on Amazon you have to have spent $50.00 on purchases. So there is no way I’m going to ask anyone to spend $50.00 just to write a review. When I won’t do it myself. If reviews from other places don’t count I’m okay with that. I know I have enough but not in the right place, too bad. Yes I would like to be able to have a publisher willing to publish my material but not at the cost of $50.00 to write it. Maybe I was wrong to say it so bluntly to the publisher, but I did. I will never ask someone to do something I won’t do myself. But if you do have an account with Amazon and have already spent the $50.00 on other things that you wanted please review either The Wild Ones on Thanks Love you all.

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