April 7th

Day after jury selection. That was a boring day. Hurry up and wait. 400 of us had to be at the Vancouver court house at 8:45 and after we were registered as having arrived, we waited until after 10 AM to be informed what would happen that day, yesterday. After being told we waited again for 10 x 40 summons numbers to be called. After the first 5 x 40 I figured that this was going to be a long day with no results. I was about 20th in the 7th x40. If I don’t get a call that says thanks but we have our 14 jurors I have to be there Thursday April 11, at 1:30 to be interviewed by the judge. Don’t know when the interview of the defence and prosecutor would take place. But the trial begins April 15 next Monday. Will have to wait and see. Will let you know when I find out. If I get on the jury I can’t talk to anyone about what happens except I got on or didn’t.

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