24 years/24 years

This week has been very hard on me and I’m not sure why except for the 24/24. Twenty-four years ago this week my life changed completely. I had been married 24 years and seven months when on March 19, I took my husband to Burnaby Hospital about 7PM because he was having trouble voiding. I left him there about 9 or 9:30 and called at 11 just before going to bed. He had been taken up to a ward and was doing well. Okay I could possibly pick him up either before or after church Sunday morning. I went to bed and slept okay. Got woken at 7:30 Sunday morning with the doctor telling me “Mrs.Swedak, your husband died during the night. There will be an autopsy because he died less than 24 hours after being admitted. Then he hung up.

The last few days I have been reliving those days like they were yesterday. But it was 24 years ago it happened. Maybe that is it, married 24 years when Dan died and it’s been 24 years since he died. I wonder now what August 9 is going to bring. We were going to redo out wedding vows on that day 5 months after he died. Today I am doing better, that is why I can write this and not bawl. Thank you who ever reads my blogs for letting me vent. I love you all.

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