Sunday February 3

SNOW! would you believe that there was snow today in Vancouver? Well there was some enough to say it snowed Depending where you were or are it is snowing. When we left for church this morning it wasn’t snowing but half way through the service it started. Then when we left it was snowing not hard but enough to say it was snowing. Within the next 20 minutes it had stopped and the sun was trying to shine, well maybe not because it wasn’t where the blue sky was. Weird day, but a day that God has made and I for one am glad to have woke up this morning and am living the life God made for me as an author. Each of us have our own special skills and nature. Bless all of you who do read my ramblings. Also I hope you will go to your e-book reader and buy The Wild Ones and White Medicine Woman. Then leave a review of them where you purchased them. My thanks in advance.

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