Flamenco Dancing

January 4 Ken and I went to White Rock Centre Hall for a flamenco dancing performance with our Unity of New Westminster’s spiritual leader. The story and direction of the dancers the ideas of R. S.’s sister who was also one of the lead dancer. Two boys did a brake dance, which was very well done. Boy to have youth and knowledge of that kind of dance. There was also a ballet dancer, no I don’t mean belly I mean bellet wehre they dance on their toes. There is a picture of her in my pictures with pictures of the dance performance. I finally figured out how to download the pictures posted by some one back stage and with permission I got them on my facebook page and also here. Now I don’t know if anyone including me can find them but they are here, somewhere. Would have liked to post them here with the writing but haven’t figured how to do that. There are a lot of computer things I don’t know how to do.

My computer keeks are gone, one is entering the Air Force as a mechanic and the other is on holiday in Ontario. Oh darn. Maybe when the one on holiday gets back he may be able to help with joining them, but maybe not. Will have to wait and see.

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