Exciting evening Jan 4/19

Last night Ken and I went to the White Rock Coast Centre Playhouse to see a performance of ballet, break dancing and flamenco dancing. It was a fairy tale about a little girl who goes to an enchanted place and has until dawn to enjoy herself and get home or she would have to stay. The fairy gives the girl a feather so she can get home but a smart raven steals it and it gets lost. This play was written by Unity of New Westminster’s student minister’s sister. Our student minister was one of the flamenco dancers and their brother wrote and performed a piano piece for one of the dances. I am so glad R.S mentioned it in one of her e-mails or we wouldn’t have known about it. For my first time of seeing flamenco dancing in person it was lovely. All dancers did a wonderful performance. Especially the young boy who was the M. C. There was a reporter from one of White Rock’s papers who read the story but the boy welcomed the audience and informed us of the break and how long it was. The two boys who performed the break dancing were very good. What an amazing evening was had by all as far as I was concerned. Thank you R.S for the e-mail to tell me about it. Never considered a student minister having other interests but I suppose it makes sense, that just because you are a ministerial student or even a full licensed minister you can still have other loves as well. Happy for you R.S.Thank you for being you and being ours.

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