Happy New Year

I know I am a few okay 3 days late wishing all who follow my web page to wish you all a Happy New Year. I went over to Vancouver Island on the 30th of December and just got back yesterday, the 2nd of January. I went over with S for her brother-in-law’s memorial. Her sister, L picked us up and my niece,BA and her husband picked me up there and took out for dinner then to where I would be staying for the next two days. Every place that I had to go was within 5 minutes from eachother. On the 31 of December I drove my hostess’ J’s smart car. It was the first time I had driven one. It was a joy to drive after finding out where the ignition was to put the key in.

With in the 3 days I was there I met my niece’s friend’s husband who is as nice as the hostess. I had met J at BA’s sister’s funeral in Peachland in 2017. I also met the two people who are renting rooms at J’s there. Both are very nice. The house is a V shaped as the older part is the left of the V where J grew up and lived with her parents. When she grew up she designed and was the architect of the right side of the V. New Years day my niece BA her husband and adopted son came for a New Year’s day lunch which was very good.

My deepest thanks for a wonderful stay at J’s, I also want to thank L for driving her sister S and me from and to the ferry. Ken for driving us to the ferry on this side and picking us up yesterday.

I wish everyone who reads this a Wonderful happy filled and joy filled New Year.

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