The Third Sunday in Advent LOVE

The Advent season with a Capital A. Advent is the special time starting 4 weeks before Christmas the birth of the Christ Child with in each and everyone of us as well as remembrance of the Christ Child Jesus. The first week was Faith, faith in the Christ. The second week is Peace, the peace that only the Christ can give in the world and in our lives. Today begins the week of Love, unconditional love that only comes from The Christ with in to yourself and everyone around you, your family, community, county and the whole world. This is a time for faith, peace, love and next week joy. The joy of knowing that within a week the Christ Child is reborn within you.         You can call your spiritual inner self anything you like and it is still God, the Christ by what ever name.

I want to bless everyone who reads my blogs and those who don’t. I also want to wish you a wonderful faith, peace, love and joy filled Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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