Finally it is here!

Merry Christmas everyone who follows me, if you do you may already know what my Christmas letter will be. Here it is!

November19 2018  This was when I wrote it but it is now Dec 12. I liked to have my Christmas cards and letter out by Dec. 1

Christmas 2018

Already so soon. This year seem so much shorter than the other years but it has been an exciting year.

Hi every one who gets this letter this year.

There is a Canadian Postal rotating strike and there is a backlog of mail.I’m only sending out a few this year hoping they get to where theyare going.

My website is if anyone is interested in checking me out.

Have to start with the good and work my way up to the absolute best.

Good news. I am a Canadian and proud of it. We are an open helpful nation.No armed guards posted to keep anyone out.

Second good news Thanks for our living in Kanata Co-op, which keeps us in Vancouver, okay I really don’t like the busy, hustle bustle of the big city or the traffic but it keeps me close to my church family who mean the world to me. Our student minister graduates as a full Minister in June of 2019 at Unity Village in Kansas. Then in September the Canadian Conference will be held there as well and I’m hoping to be able to attend the conference and visit family I only saw once about 8 to 10 years ago when I went to the Unity International Conference in Kansas City, didn’t see much of Kansas except when my family took me around from the hotel the conference was being held at to Manhattan and back. No not Manhattan N. Y.Manhattan Kansas, a very nice town and my cousin has a very nice home and I felt a love and acceptance from people who were actually strangers but family.

 Good news, A few years ago I met an author on line who I reviewed one of her books a couple of years ago. E-mailed her to tell her I liked her book and would be willing to review any others she wanted me to review. The beginning of October she asked me if I would review another and I said yes. With that we got to talking by e-mail. I told her about my self published books and she asked to read them. I sent them to her. She told me that when her publisher got back from holiday she would tell her about me. It was three and a half weeks later she said her publisher was expecting and waiting for my submissions. I sent them in and I got an e-mail from her publisher who said we would be pleased and happy to publish your books.

Now for the Absolute Great News! I AM A CLIENT OF A TRADITIONAL PUBLISHED!!!!!

Last Wednesday in the mail was a congratulation card came from all my Unity of New Westminster Spiritual Centre family. Don’t ask how many signatures are on the card but it is full of congratulations. I am overwhelmed with the love, belief and caring. I am filled with thanks and gratitude.

Ken and I wish you a lovely Christmas season and Marvellous New Year!

I also hope you will check out http://www.goodreads,com when I let you know it is up and look for my The Wild Ones and White Medicine Woman and give me a good review. Thanks in advance for you love and support.

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