I have done it!

I have sent my manuscripts to the publisher and am in need of prayers that she will accept me as a client. My sponsor is positive that I will be accepted and I have faith and belief in her. She has helped me so much in the last month that I am positive I will be accepted. I am trying to take White Medicine Woman and The Wild Ones off amazon.com. I didn’t realize how hard it was to remove books from there.

If you get a chance to rent or see Faith Like Potatoes do so. It is a video about a Scot who lives in South Africa with his family, wife and 4 children. He associates with the Zulu tribe and works his butt off until he turns his life over to God and becomes a farmer/preacher who’s faith reaches unbelievable heights. Nothing can dampen his belief in God. Won’t tell you it is titled faith like potatoes. That is the climax of the movie. Watch it and see for yourself.

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