Church service today was good, our Spiritual Leader soon to be our minister is usually good with her talk. Being thankful for what is good in our lives. Yes there always is ups and downs but to see the good in everything. Don’t let the downs get you down find something to be grateful for. In the morning before you get out of bed find three things to be grateful for that day.  Waking up, the sun or rain which ever is on the other side of the window, the coffee or tea that you will be having later. Anything that comes to mind to make you day start off on the right foot even before you get out of bed.

Okay what are you grateful for? I’m grateful for having a roof over my head, ability to have something to eat, being able to see, hear, touch, sense,smell and think. What I think makes my minute, hour, day. If I wake up feeling down, miserable or tired that is how my day will go but if I feel alive, awake, happy to be breathing and smiling that is the way my day will go. I find something to be grateful for every day. Yes down days happen, it is life that happens. But out of every bad thing that happens something good comes out of it. Trust in your Higher Power what ever you call It. I call my Higher Power God Within. There is no God out there somewhere in the universe but S/he is within all of us. Enough preaching.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be happy even when things look bad because they will get better, they always do.

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