I’m back!

Wow it has been a long time. A couple of weeks ago I tried to get in and a spam page came up. It wanted me to down load something and I didn’t want to so I turned the computer off. When I got back I had lost the capability to have the internet. It was gone. Nothing I did or any one else did could get it back I had lost the little icon that says you are connected. It was an old computer anyway so we went to Free Geek and got another laptop for me and one for Ken. I finally got the “new” computer to do what I want and am back on line.

One of my stories was garbled too so we went back Wednesday evening and that was fixed as well as a few other things, Now I have a computer that will do as I want.  I hope.   Good news too about my writing, I could be getting the opportunity to be a traditional publisher’s client. An on-line friend is going to send me a link to her publisher when she gets back from over-seas. The publisher is on holiday and when she gets back my on-line friend will tell her to expect my The Wild Ones and White Medicine Woman so they may be taken off Amazon as I will have to remove them and if she liked them as well as Chris does she will publish them. Then I can send her my other finished manuscripts. YAHOO! Finally I have an opportunity. It is what my Dad always said “It isn’t what you know it’s who you know.” I’ve tried for a number of years to get a publisher that will pay me and it was always this story isn’t for us  but we wish you well. Now with someone on my side it is possible.

Hope all is well with those who have been waiting for me to write more. Will be back again soon.


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