August is around the corner

Just think in a few days last year we left this city of Vancouver to go to Scotland. How I would like to turn back the clock and calendar a year but then maybe not. If I turn back the calendar a year I would have missed going to the Mystic Water Ranch to visit the horses and Brenda Brown. I would have missed out on a future interview and book selling opportunity. Okay that is one but how many wonderful things did happen this year that I would have missed if I could go back to the beginning of August last year?

Well, getting another short story on Longshot  which happened today. I would have missed reading my poetry in front of about 30 people maybe 50 but I think that is pushing it. I would have missed the chance to sell 6 of my books, well three already and two to come the next time I see my doctor and maybe one more on Sunday as it is the fifth Sunday of the month. Okay how about you check my previous posts to see what I would have missed if the calendar was turned back. I don’t remember them all. But I’m sure I wrote them here.

This year our only trip will be to Prince George for a family reunion, and I’m hoping to see great nieces and nephews I haven’t see or haven’t seen since they were under school age. Then to Edmonton Alberta to stay a few days with my sister-in-law, my niece and her son who is now 23 and I’ve never seen him, so that tells you how long it has been since I saw my late husband’s sister. We have kept in touch but only by letter or phone call. Then hopefully coming home via Radium Hot-springs in the Rockies.        Ken and I went there once and it was an amazing experience. We were camping in the area, yeah we haven’t been camping in a long while, anyway we found a cement building up in the hill away from the busy pool and in the building were 3 rooms with tubs and water running piped in and as you got in the water splashed over the top. Each tub had a different temperature of water from cool or body temperature to hot and I do mean hot. I liked the middle one which was warmer than body temperature but not the really hot one. It was big enough to lie in and not touch either side or end. With your head partly submerged and only your face above the water you could hear your own hear beat. It was amazing and I’m hoping the tubs will still be there to enjoy again.

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