I did it!

Last night I stood in front of a number of people and other poets and read three of my personal poems. It was so far out of my comfort zone I’m glad I didn’t have to sit and stew over how I would stand up there and read my poems. I was early enough to sign in as second so I only had one person in front of me. Then I could sit with those who had came to give me support, to be there for me. It was such a joy to have people I trusted loved to be there knowing I could do this thing I had never done before. I wasn’t thinking when I went up I just believed that it was not me but God speaking but I felt very shaky standing in front of that mike reading my poetry.  I did remember to breath so I could read it without stuttering. That is the only way I can “talk” without hesitating and stuttering is to remember to breath, to give my words breath. Ken didn’t have to say Pony, hehe. That was a joke between us because at dinner I mouthed breath to remind him that was what I wanted him to say if I hesitated or started to stutter. He saw pony so that was what he was going to say if I looked directly at him.

I am so loved and treasured it is amazing. Thank you to my friends and loved ones for your belief in me.

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