Looking for something

I’ve figured out the only way to find something previously written here is difficult unless I write something and post it.

Well today has been a a day of upheaval, going to wash clothes, going to do the breakfast dishes, my house cleaner was to have come, but while we were having breakfast we were told our siding was going to be power washed because of painting happening. Okay, the stuff by the walls had to be moved. Our neighbor and I did most of it as Ken decided he had done enough, but what exactly he did I’m not sure because Mary and I did most of the front then my cleaner came and we did the shelves in the back. I did get one load in the wash and continued some of the basement cleaning. I had promised to do as it hadn’t been touched really since 1975 when things started to be put in the basement. I found a few things I had forgotten I had and have a few things on Champlain Heights sell and buy, but no takers. Today I found a box of tapes, old movies, one on top was Black Beauty. Oh I loved that but I don’t have a player for them. Haven’t found what else is in the box as I was distracted and ended up on the computer trying to find some thing I know is on here.

So now I will post this and see if I can find what I’m looking for. Then I will go back downstairs and check the box

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