Contract for publication

Yeah I got an envelope with a contract for a picture book, in the mail yesterday and I was flying so high until I opened the envelope and started reading the letter. There was one catch, I pay them $4,000.00Canadian, well what they asked for was $3,700.00 US. I did consider it for a while as a friend offered to put it on his credit card and I pay it off in 20 months at $250.00 a month. Sounded good, the publishers were going to do all the work, putting it together, marketing it and me, starting in the Lower mainland, with interviews on radio, tv, and paper. Then would widen the marketing into the the rest of Canada and the U.S. besides paying me a royalty of every book sold on a 6 month payment plan of 25%  Sounds great, don’t you think so?

After dinner I sent an e-mail to a published author I know and she e-mailed back a while later with, NO, do not do it. That is not the way to go. Okay that made up my mind, no I won’t pay the publishers anymore. Okay the publisher is going to pay me, and no I don’t pay you. That is now my motto. You pay me, I don’t pay you. YEAH

This afternoon while I’m writing this, I realized that 25% is only a quarter of the price of the book, on top of the $3,700.00  I paid them,  they get 75% of total book sales. No way that is wrong too.


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