Wow what an afternoon!

A friend and I just spent an afternoon from heaven. She came with me when I went to a horse therapy ranch in Langley. I was going for information and to give her my books to read to see if she wanted to display them for here customers. We were given the experience of our lives. We were standing by the fence and a mare came up and nuzzled my friend. Then she came to me and massaged my neck and shoulders with her mouth and face. This is 3 hours later and I can still feel the effect. It was an amazing hour being shown around and I couldn’t write how they do what they do but I also found out that the person should ask the horse if they may touch them and they will present the part of the body they want touched. My friend wasn’t able to walk around so when the owner and I walked around we went to a fence with a couple of geldings. We were standing at a fence when an appaloosa came over to us. I asked him if I could touch him and he showed me his side. The owner said he wants his stomach scratched. So that is what I did, then he turned his rump to me and I scratched  His tail was like my hair used to be reddish auburn.  The whole experience still effects me and I think it will for a while. I want to go back again and again.

I’m hoping she will let me do an interview with her sometime. She bought my books and is taking them with her when she goes east.

I thank the person who told me about this amazing ranch. Thank You K.W.

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