Mother’s Day

I know today is when children of parents thank their mothers for bringing them into the world. Some mothers are loved, blessed and appreciated, while others would have been better off never having children. But this blog isn’t about mothers that are appreciated and loved, living or passed on, it is about me, a grandmother who was unable to have children of my own. Doesn’t make sense let me explain. I married a man who was divorced and had a son, and a step daughter. Shortly after I married him his ex took the son and daughter and disappeared, it was as if they had just vanished off the face of the earth. Years later  he asked a friend if she know where his son was. She gave him a phone number and he called. They were in contact by phone. His son gave him his step-daughters phone number, who had a family now but wasn’t married. About a year later she asked him to give here away at her home wedding. That was the highlight of his life, He never thought he would ever have that honor. That meant more to him than our marriage because I was unable to have children but that is another story.

This really wasn’t where I was going but I needed a back story, I suppose. Within 10 years of them getting together my husband died suddenly. I was sure that I would never see either my step-son or step-daughter again after the funeral, nor my one and only grandchild. But low and behold I was still a part of their families and  I spent my 25th wedding anniversary with my step-son and daughter in law. There was no way I could have stayed home alone during that time. I was at the ultra sound where I saw my first grandson before he was born where I fell in love with him. I was at his first birthday party. Within a couple of years I had a granddaughter and three grandsons.

Something I never thought I would ever have is a grandchild. I am blessed and loved because of their father and grandfather. Thank you for giving me the joy of knowing and watching you grow into a beautiful and handsome young adults. I love you all

This is a grandmother’s thank you for allowing something I never thought possible.

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