Having hearing aids for the first time is amazing, everything and I mean everything is LOUD! The clock ticking, all three wall clocks. I hear things I’m not suppose to hear, even the computer hums, the key board clicks, and the mouse clicks too. I even urinate loud, hehe The sewing machine sounds like an old tracker. I hear birds I haven’t heard for a long time, Everything is too loud, so loud. Yes when I get used to them it will be better. I see the specialist in three weeks to see how I’m getting along. Supposedly this is on a low frequency but it is high enough for me. It is a treat to take them out at night and I don’t hear as well until I put them in again in the morning. Got them Tuesday, Wednesday I had them out just after dinner, yesterday  took them out about 9PM. Today isn’t half over so I don’t know when they are coming out tonight.

I was lucky because I got some unexpected income that I used for the down payment. If I hadn’t been able to do it on a 4 month payment plan I wouldn’t have been able to purchase them. They are damn expensive. Time the N.D.P included medical aids into the medical plan. It is usually seniors who need medical aids and can’t afford them because most seniors are on a pension. Someone should tell the government that the medical aids should be covered by M.S.P. Yeah I know the private insurances companies cover them and other things that you may need, but not everyone has extended coverage.

Yeah Chiropractors too should be covered by M.S.P. Physiotherapists are covered and they have less training then Chiropractors. They don’t have the knowledge about the body as a chiro does.

Looks like I’m bitching about the medical system but this is my website and I can bitch if I want. No one reads it anyway.

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