Happy Easter

Easter, what does this weekend mean to you? A good question, maybe. For some born in  April it is having your birthday on or near a special weekend. For others it may be just a weekend that Christian’s think is a special time of year. Maybe in the future, like Christmas, Christians are going to have to stop saying Happy Easter and changed it to Happy Holiday. For the number of years we Christians have been asked, requested, told, don’t say Merry Christmas, say happy holiday you might hurt someone’s feelings. Why should we give up our special days of the year when other cultures can have theirs. What about our feelings? Don’t we deserve to celebrate as much as the other religeons celebrate their special days? For instance Chanukah, Ramadan, Rosh Hashana and Passover and I’m sure there are more I missed on the calander. Isn’t Christmas and Easter as important?

Okay, I’m venting and it wasn’t what I inteded to write but I am leaving it to see who will be brave enough to comment.

Anyway Happy Easter to who all.

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