A poem

This morning I wrote a poem, I thought about it for a few seconds and came up with:

I do not fear, God is near.

I do not fear, God is here.

I do not fear for God’s within

I do not fear for I am God.

Some may not like the idea of my saying I am God but if God is within me, doesn’t that mean I am one with God and God is one with me, so that makes me God. Right?

I’ve been having a bad couple of days. A lovely weekend with sunshine and warm temperatures so I could sit outside and read in the afternoon. But sitting outside brought on my allergies big time. I felt almost as if I had the cold or flu that was going around.

Then yesterday I read in, Unity International’s Keep a Ture Lent, a small booklet by the writings of  Charles Filmore, co-founder of the Unity movement, that has sayings for the Lenton season,  A blind man said to Jesus, “Lord, I want to see.” Jesus replied, “Receive your sight, your faith has healed you.”

In other words, See it in your mind, believe it, and allow your divine nature to work within you. I said after reading that “Lord, I want rid of this allergy, and in a few minutes my sinus was clear for the rest of the day.  Did it again today when my nose started to run and it worked again.

I believe in the power of prayer even a short statement like Lord, I want …. Believ3e and receive.

Now for a big one, Lord I want my manuscript to be accepted by an agent or publisher. That won’t be instantly thought but now I asked it will happen.  Yes I have to do my part and I will but now it is in my God’s hands.


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