When I  went to Ken’s for the Christmas holiday in ’96, I was coming back home on Jan 2 but never made it until April when we both moved from his place to mine. The landlady had come in while we were both out and saw I had brought my cat and dog also we were making candles in the basement. That was a no-no. She contacted Ken and told him to vacate the house by the 1 of April.

I never considered that 21 years later we would still be together. Actually it was the beginning of February 97 that I asked the minister at our church, who had been doing the renewals of wedding vows for a few years on the Sunday before Valentines Day, if you had to be married to have vows renewed. She said no that she could do a partnership for Ken and me. So February 13, that year we were the only couple who went up for our vows of love, support and a life time partnership. Now 21 years later we are still together. Growing old together has been an experience. Especially when one is sick and in the hospital for a month. You realize why you got together in the first place. After living together for years you kind of forget why you got together in the first place. It is good to be reminded once in a while.

Thank you dear for loving me and being my partner in life.   Maybe on our 25th partnership February 13 we will get married?

No? Don’t think so, I hear you saying, we’ve been happy so far so why change things now.

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