Happy New Year

Well 2018’s first month is almost half over and it just started.  Where did 2017 go? It seems as if that just started and then it was gone. Our trip to Scotland was a complete success, okay not everything but 99.99% was. I was unable to walk down from the Edinburgh Castle to the parade ground with the Clan Chief and the clan but did walk up to the area where you gathered and formed to do the walk in front of the performers.  The Clan Chief’s wife had an attendant walk me and Ken down to our seats. We got to watch my nephew and his wife walk down with the Clan members.

The rest of the year when as fast as the three weeks in Scotland. Zoomed by, now 2018 will do the same. Just zoom by. Then it will be another Christmas and New Year. Hold it the years are going too fast and I don’t like it. I keep getting older with each year that flies by. Not that I’m afraid of dieing it is just that I have so much in my bucket list that I  want to complete. But I suppose it is not my time but God’s time that counts. I actually look forward to opening another door at the other end of this life.

Another thing I have in my bucket list is to apologize to a teenage boyfriend that I am sorry for the way I treated him. At the time I didn’t realize I treated him the way I did  because he was too good for me, I had to ruin the relationship. I’ve wondered what happened to him and I wish him well and all the happiness the world has to offer.

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