Happy New Year

Oh well Happy New Year! But not at our place, a short while ago, Ken told me that Cougar was acting strange, not moving well but he didn’t know why. I looked at Cougar and his  back right leg has been mauled by something over night more than likely a raccoon. I thank God it is only a skin wound, he could have been the raccoon’s breakfast or midnight snack.  The wound doesn’t look that deep just the skin removed and a few scrapes down his leg. That was #1, how about #2 Ken is mad at Pita (Puppy Cat) for scratching on the chair in the bedroom to get our attention at 4-5 AM. and he is mad at him. #3 is it is a beautiful sunny day and I want to start the New Year with peace, love and joy not anger or worry about a beloved pet. My attitude does not depend on Ken’s. I can have a wonderful peace filled day just by being loving? and full of peace filled thoughts. I leave Cougar in the hands of a Loving caring God.

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