White Christmas?

Vancouver got its first well maybe second dump of snow. If I remember right there was a snow fall that didn’t stick in November but this is sticking and heavy from the time it started about 10AM this morning. I know because I shoveled the walk way when I got home.

Cars are having trouble in our driveway and the cars, this morning when a friend and I went to the gym, were driving slowly which is unusual for Vancouver drivers.

Wish I was a kid again, but earlier not now as it is wet snow. When I was in grade 1-2, I didn’t care how wet or dry the snow was, I was sliding down Central School small hill in Nelson, B.C.,until the bus came with the rest of the kids who had to wait for the bus. We would be so wet when we got home that our Mom’s would have to hang our coats over the stove so it would be dry to wear to school the next day.  That was over a wood stove at that.

Where that memory came from I don’t know but it was fun all the same.

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