I’ve been waiting for 6 weeks for a publisher to say yes or not to a manuscript. I’ve also sent a couple to Longshot Island and waiting for them to say yes or not. Also have another at my editor who is like everyone else busy until after Christmas. My Christmas wish this year is that the publisher who has my long manuscript says yes we want it and will pay you. Other wise I have to start all over again sending it to someone else. But one day someone is going to say yes.

Look at Chicken Soup for the Soul books. How long did it take those writers to get a publisher? A long time and look at them now? Many well known books under their belt or belts.

I want to wish everyone who reads my writings and those who don’t a Very Merry Christmas and New Year.

Yes I will now and always say Merry Christmas and Happy Easter when the time comes. Christians have as much right as any other religion to say our greetings as well as Happy Chanikah

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