Merry Christmas to all who read what I write.

This is my tree from last year. The one that Matthew and his wife decorated for me when I sent a plea to my family, on Facebook, as a joke for help to decorate my tree as I had fallen a few days earlier stepping over a piece of ice right on to another and fell and broke a rib. Not cracked, hurt but broke. Also had shingles which helped lay me up. My rib was sorrer than my slight case of shingles of which I was glad.

We are going to get a tree this year after the house is cleaned sometime around the middle of Dec.

There is a pot luck lunch at our church, Unity of New Westminster,  at 17 and Edinburgh in New West next Sunday, Dec 17, come for a wonderful service and bring a favorite dish. Our Christmas Candle lighting will be Thursday, Dec. 21 at 7PM and also Christmas Eve at 7PM. Come to one or both and bring a friend. There is also a service Christmas Eve morning at 11AM. Join us to hear a wonderful Ministerial Student who is our minister in training. She is amazingly informative about what Christmas means to us who believe that Christ is within everything. Check out Unity of New Westminister on facebook to hear Rhona Segarra, a minister in training of Unity of New Westminster.

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