Sunshine on October 23

Amazing, I’m sitting outside reading, okay not right now but the sun is behind a tree so I’m waiting until it gets to the other side of the tree then I’m going back outside. Am I sure it is only a week until Hallowe’en? Think so but it feels like summer outside in the sun. The colors are gorgeous, okay that is like spring with the spring colors of the new blossoms.

Don’t have much more to say about the weather but maybe about my writing. I should mention that I have got a short story being edited and am writing a longer version of it. Actually I have two being edited by different people for submission. I’m hoping to send the short ones to Longshot but that doesn’t make it a for sure they will accept it. But it is a submission, I’ve made quite a few this year. Both to and other publishers.

I tried to get a friend to send her story to them but she didn’t have time right now she said so hopefully when she does have the time she will send it. I sure hope so, it is a nonfiction that actually happened to her. Or maybe if Chicken Soup had a request for actions with wild animals she could send it to them.

Three different paragraphs about three different things. Oh well, it isn’t a story or something that needs to have the same subject. It is just my thought at the time, and no I’m not posting this on facebook any more. I will post that I have a blog post but go to my site to read it.


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