October all ready

Wow, it was just January, wasn’t it? Okay time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en. What, no not yet. Then Christmas cards got a few in the mail from different charities I donate to even got a 2018 calendar.

We were just thinking it was time to go to Scotland but we’ve been home for over a month and I it was a wonderful 3 weeks even with getting the hotels way, and I mean way out of town. The last one was 24 miles from Edinburgh where we wanted to be going. Had to take a train into town, or a bus which we did the last time we left the Blairmains Bed and Breakfast. Yes it was nice, and I got a story out of it that I’m going to be posting at http://www.longshotisland.com when my editor is finished with it. If we hadn’t stayed there I wouldn’t have had my over 1,000-word story. No I’m not telling you here what it is about but if you know my passion you will know what the story is about. That is the only hint I am giving.

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends who read my blog.

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