Three Day Bus Tour

Glasgow Scotland, Aug, 13, 2017 we’re up at 5:30 AM to have breakfast before walking the 4-5 blocks to where we’re going to catch the bus at 8AM for a three day tour witch includes Isle of Skye. We were at the pickup place in plenty of time.

The tour bus is full except for the back seat, where we go. I’m by the window, Ken beside me and a lady who got on the bus with us named Jen next to him then my nephew and then his wife at the other window. Out of Glasgow through the country to Fort Williams, it’s shortly after one; this was our first stop of the day. Everyone was off ahead of us, I followed thinking Ken, my nephew and his wife were right behind me. I had walked almost to the café where we were going to use the washrooms and have something to eat before going on, but as things turned out we didn’t.

I turned around to say something to Ken who wasn’t behind me and took a nose dive into the pavement. The French couple from the bus must have been right behind me or near me, as they were right there with tissue, scads of it as I was bleeding from my nose like a fountain. They helped me up, which I realized much later was the wrong thing to do as I may have broken something other than my nose. Anyway I hadn’t and they were taking me to a bench when Ken, my nephew and his wife saw me being led almost carried to a bench, bleeding.

Someone called, “call a paramedic!” Who called I don’t know but one was found, because within a few minutes a paramedic was standing over me. I had bundles of tissue over my face.

“Let me see, please,” he said after telling me his name and that he was a paramedic. “What happened?”

I took the tissue away so he could see it and clean some of the blood, and told him what had happened.

He gave me some new tissue, told me to put pressure on my nose to stop the flow of blood then put a bright blue bandage above my eyes, and down my nose. Then he asked, “how many of me do you see?”

“Only one of you,” I said, “and one of my husband and the driver.” Chick, our bus driver, had come from somewhere to see what the fuss was about. The paramedic told him that I had fallen.

“Glad there is only one of each of us but if you do see double let the driver know as soon as possible. Is there anything else I can do for you now?”

“I would like to use the bathroom.”

“Okay, come with me,” He led me into and through a liquor store to the bathroom. I was a little shaky but managed to walk holding on to the paramedic Ken was with us and held the door for me. Then held on to Ken on the way back to the bus. I found out later the paramedic owned the liquor store and that was possibly why I had been the only one to use the toilette.  It is not called the bathroom it is the toilette. Because just before the bus arrived there had been a flood in the little mall. What had happened I don’t know but everything was closed up.

Chick came with us and we went back to our seats at the back of the bus. “I’m going to talk to your family to see if they will change the bookings I’ve made. I want you close to me tonight.”

“Okay, I’m sure my nephew would be fine with that.”

Later when everyone was back on the bus having a look at me with the bright blue bandage above and down my nose, Chick asked my nephew if he would mind changing hotels with us as he wanted me close for the night incase anything happened. My nephew agreed to stay at the hotel that had been booked for us.

We went on to our next stop was the Ellen Donan’s castle where I didn’t want to walk along the walk to the castle, so I told Ken I was staying in the bus. But after everyone had gotten off Chick said, “there is a coffee shop just behind the bus if you would like a coffee.”

“Oh that sound good,” I said. “I would love a cup of coffee.”

“Let me help you,” he offered. He was walking with me to the coffee shop and we passed Ken. “I’m taking your wife to the coffee shop. That okay.”

Ken nodded his head and we continued on into the shop. Chick left me just infront to the gift shop where I went in and was the centre of attention because of my blue nose, but I wanted to look around and bought a few things.  Then went across to the café where I couldn’t find any coffee or tea but got a Caesar salad. I was eating it and watching the time to be back to the bus in time, when Chick and my nephew came in. They were looking for me, Ken had gone back to the bus and I wasn’t there so he started asking where I was.

It was getting to be late afternoon and we started for the bridge to the Isle of Skye and Chick was letting people off in twos and threes at different small hotels. As we were staying at the same hotel as Chick we were the last off with a couple of young school teachers from Toronto. He took the baggage from under the bus and led us up to the door.  Just before we had stopped my nose had started bleeding again.  The owner showed us our room, where we left the suitcase. I looked in the mirror and found out that it wasn’t from in my nose that I was bleeding but from under the bandage.

Chick had said when we got off the bus. “I’m taking you to the hospital.”

So we got back on the bus and after a short ride, we were at the little hospital. A young man comes in while we’re talking to the receptionist. Chick says we will be staying another night and we can bring in the insurance and passports then. The receptionist says that was okay. Chick left as she didn’t know how long we would be and he had things to do before he was finished.

While we waited a young couple with a three day old baby. They don’t keep mothers in the hospitals very long anymore.  They went in first because of the baby I assume. Then I did. I had held a slight pressure on my nose and it had stopped bleeding again. The nurse asked what happened and that she was taking the tape off and it might hurt. Yeah it hurt.

After cleaning it with some solution, which stung.  “I think it will be better open to the air so it will scab over.” She said then asked, “Can you press your right hand flat on the bed?”

I tried but couldn’t. “No,” I said.

“I’m more worried about your hand than I am about your nose. You can breathe okay but that hand is badly swollen.” She checked to see if the x-ray technician was still there. She was so I had an x-ray of my hand. Waited while the young guy went in and then the nurse looked at the x-ray and said when I went in to the room again. “The x-ray shows only badly bruising, no broken bones. But I would like the doctor to view it to be sure I didn’t miss any.”

So we waited a few more minutes and then she waved that it was okay.  We walked back to the hotel as the receptionist had checked for a taxi and it would be ¾ of an hour to an hour before one could come. It only 3-4 blocks, went into the big hotel across the street from the hotel we were staying at, just before the dining room closed at 9 PM for our first expensive dinner of our holiday. We were the last to leave and the waiter asked if I was okay and I had to tell him what happened.

The travel insurances, Ken had insisted we get for this trip the Friday before we left was in the envelope I took from the agent’s hand and put in the suitcase when we got home was right where I had put it. But I was in for a surprise when I opened the envelope the next morning. Ken’s insurance was in the envelope but mine wasn’t.  I was sure I saw the agent put mine on his desk then do Ken’s put Ken’s in the envelope, pick mine up and put it in too, I hadn’t checked to make sure. I took Ken’s and the passports, and said a silent prayed. We toured the whole Isle that day and saw through the mist that it really was a beautiful place.  Later at the hospital I gave Ken’s insurance and the passports to the receptionist. She took them and went away, came back a few minutes later, handed me back the papers and said, “everything is fine.”

Chick had waited for us this time as we weren’t going to be long this time. He dropped us of before he went to do what he had to do then we went to the pub he told us about which we hadn’t seen the night before and had dinner with my nephew and his wife as their hotel was within walking distance of where we were. Then we went back to our room. Being as we were the staying at the same hotel as Chick we were the first on the next morning and got the front seats. We went back to the mainland and to Loch Ness where we could tour if we wanted the Urquhart Castle before going on the Jacobite Queen down the Loch to where the bus was waiting, then onto Culloden Battle Field where Bonnie Prince Charlie had his last stand against the British in 17something. My niece and I had wandered that field in 2001 when we were there so I didn’t go this time, but this time I saw the names of all the people who keep the Field in its pristine state in the concrete block sidewalk and the wall with the names of the men who lost their lives on the Field, or I think that is who the names were. From there we went to Perth to let the people going to Glasgow get off then the ones going to Edinburgh got to see the new Edinburgh bridge which hadn’t opened yet but is exactly like the Port Mann in Vancouver. When I saw it I wondered if there was freezing in winter because if there was that bridge would have the same problem as the Port Mann, freezing wires and dropping ice on to the cars that passed beneath.


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