No 30 p(ence) no p(ee)

At the Glasgow and Edinburgh train and bus depots if you don’t have 30 p you don’t go p. It is suppose to be so that you know the toiletts are clean. If you can wait you look for a pub for a beer or a cafe for a coffee and a toilette that is free. The washrooms aren’t called bathrooms or washrooms they are toiletts. The first time I went down to the toilette I didn’t have the 30 p and was about to walk away when a lady offered me the 30 p. That is one thing I found out  that the people in Scotland are very open, kind and considerat Anyone you ask directions and the people are willing to tell you or sometimes even take you where you want to go.

Our holiday was great and saw many things I hadn’t seen in my other three trips to Scotland. My nephew was a great guide and leader. We went  places we wouldn’t have gone if not for him and his wife. Aberdeen, Perth, Dundee and day bus tours of the surrounding areas. We walked a lot through Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as touring by the city bus. In time I may write more of our trip but I am writing left handed and finger of right hand. My nephew’s wife booked a three day bus tour of the Isle of Skye and at the first stop for lunch in Fort William I took a nose dive and broke my nose and mashed (badly brused) my right hand which still doesn’t want to work. The paramedic who was called because I was leaving a trail of blood as I was led to a bench to sit down on, was also the liquor store owner or I wouldn’t have been able to use a toilette as just before our bus arrived the small mall had a flood of somekind and everything had just shut down. When I said that I wanted to go to the bathroom he took me through the liquor store to their toilette. I think I was the only one able to go. He had put  a bright blue bandage above my eyes and down my nose. Told me that if I got double vision to be sure to let the driver know. I didn’t but when we were off loading for the night my nose started to bleed again so our driver took me to the hospital on Skye which was near the sdtop we were staying at. The nurse examined my nose and said I may have broken it but as long as I could breath there was nothing to be done. She was more interested in my hand which was double normal size. It was x-rayed and nothing showed as broken just badly brused.

I thank God that Ken insisted we get travel insurance this time even though I didn’t see the use of it at the time. If we hadn’t had it I’m not sure how much I would hae owed the Scotland Medical for the E.R nurse, x-ray, and the doctor who checked it. No more travel without travel insurance.

Enough for now my hand is sore, but I am thankful nothing else is broken but my nose.

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